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A poem is supposed to express your feelings

October 17, 2010

My pony is being neglected

He feels so dejected

All alone, for over 30 days

With no company except his hay

And when I visit him

He wants to get to exercisin’

But then I leave again

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Pretty ponies and chicken wings

July 13, 2010

TWO people today told me my horse was pretty. One even used the phrase “utterly gorgeous” which did nothing to lessen Cass’ already high opinion of himself. He even does a hair toss thing when prancing around in the pasture which usually makes me whisper “Fabio…” at him.

But I, who should think the most of him, don’t really think he is that pretty. I think he more in the cute category. Like, “aww, I just want to squeezle you all up!” He’s huggable.

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And so we begin

July 12, 2010

This week’s goal: remain calm and easy

Cass is here! And he is happy to be back! I think…he acts happy, but he’s a horse and is always pretty happy as long as he’s being fed and it isn’t freezing. But whatever. I’m going to pretend he is just super happy. Doesn’t he look just jolly?

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I am obsessed with schedules

July 3, 2010

But I can’t follow them. But I’m really, really going to try this time! So here goes another one…

This summer, my horse is going to be a dressage pony. Jumping is mostly off til around September. Flatwork galore from here on out.

First off, the tacky lovely training scale:

Why animal prints? Because I like them, that's why

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Following Cass (again)

July 2, 2010

Cass will be enroute to California sometime around Monday. Yay!He should be backby Thursday or Friday. I’ve got a new barn all set up for him, and we are gojng to have fun with the three arenas, polo field, galloping track, and super long bridle path

EDIT: And that is why you don’t write blog posts on ipods. Typos, typos, typos. Cass was picked up today! (tuesday) and should be here thursday! And I was told that he “loaded on the trailer like a champ and then was a very good boy”

Thursday, 2pm: Cass should be here around 7:30 or 8!

I want my pony!

June 24, 2010

And I want him NOW!

And the plan fails already (I blame it on the demon cat)

January 21, 2010

raging wild cat sprit burning inside Pictures, Images and Photos

Because I’m not going to be here most of friday or all of saturday or most of sunday.  Today and yesterday I longed Cass and tomorrow I am going to longe him over poles and cavalletti…but saturday (longe over cavalletti, then ride) is out.  Sunday is still a possibility.  Have to see what’s going on then.  I am really bad about time management :(

Anyway, Cass is not a happy pony.  He isn’t too fond of this freezing weather stuff – and he is in a “dry” lot which means he has mud halfway up to his knees when he does get turned out (which he hasn’t been able to do everyday because it is so cold and he is still dressed for southern california).  Which means he can’t run and buck and play.  Which means I have to deal with his energy in the one or two hours a day that I am at the barn.

cold + no daily exercise + two month vacation + scary rain on roof sounds + young horse + crazy Arabian = one psycho horse

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