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The Horse:

Cass is a six year old Arabian gelding with a lot of talent and attitude but not too much common sense.  He isn’t spooky, really, but Scary Things are really scary.  Meaning that he may be fine with fire engines and their sirens – but that little bush?  No way; a horse murdering leprechaun lives inside of it.  This is somewhat understandable, seeing as how he has never really seen real trees or bushes that are actually not shrubs and grass that can grow without the four-times-a-day sprinkler schedule…but who ever heard of an eventer that is afraid of a flower?

The Situation:

I got Cass when he was a green, 30 days under saddle 4 year old and I was an even greener, very inexperienced rider.  Probably Definitely not the smartest thing to do, but I never actually found out about the black and blue in that “green + green = black and blue” phrase until I was almost a year and a half into the joys of first horse ownership.  AKA when we started rocket launching jumping.  And then I found out that Cass does know how to buck and bolt.  He knows how to rear too.

This was all a few months ago – Cass has since calmed down with his jumping, though I am still not really sure what caused his little fits.  The only thing I can think of is that he really disliked that trainer since he only acted up while he was there and would jump fine the next day, when we were alone.  At first at least – I let this go on for too long and his bad behavior has become a habit, nowhere near as bad as he was during those lessons, but not exactly calm and cadenced either.  Though it is too bad that he had such an aversion to that instructor since he was one of the few decent ones in our non-horsey area.  So we went to no lessons and, since I am definitely not anywhere near an experienced rider, we have just been being pretty aimless these past few months.

But not anymore.

The Project:

My goal is to make my stubborn, 15.1 hh Arabian into an eventer.  Eventing is, in my opinon, one of the hardest equestrian disciplines to do well – you need grace and level headedness for dressage, speed and accuracy for showjumping, and boldness and endurance for cross country.  I think that if you have a horse that can do this, you have a horse that you can do anything with.  Eventing embodies every characteristic and skill that a horse and rider should have.

One problem: I just saw my first cross country course last week.

You see, I just moved from a desert where the only green is on the golf courses to Missouri where everybody has a big grassy field to ride in, complete with logs and ditches and water.

The other problem:  Cass has still never seen a cross country course.  Or a stadium jump.  Or a dressage arena.  Or that big pond that is in his soon-to-be new pasture.  Or snow.  Or temperatures below 55`.  Or an oak tree.  Or cows.  Or deer.  Or…

It’s going to be a big project.

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  1. March 19, 2012 7:57 am

    I grew up with Arabs so I know ALL about those scary bushes with murdering leprechauns and don’t forget about the horse eating logs! Good luck with your goal!

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