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But look how pretty my nostrils are!

March 20, 2012

Today when I went to the barn, my plan was to brush Cass, wrap his foot, give him a carrot, and then leave before it got dark. I didn’t want to do any turnout today because the arena still isn’t fully dry from all the crazy rain, but we did go for a 10 minute handwalk over to the arena and just to go visit the other horses. Cass was being kind of a weirdo because it was windy, but he wasn’t awful. His biggest spook was when a scary, horse eating chicken snuck up on him and made a chicken sound that obviously meant “Dinner!” And then all he did was sidestep a little.

So then I brushed all the mud off. He’s still really dirty and definitely needs a bath, but it’s probably too cold this week so he’s going to be stinky for awhile. While I was brushing him, he was chewing on his lead rope (which he wasn’t even haltered to – we were in his stall), my other brush, the fence, anything he could stick his mouth on. He’s normally mouthy and likes to lip things, but it was getting a little ridiculous today. He would not stop licking things for more than 15 seconds after he got in trouble.

And then when I bent over to pick his feet and wrap his leg, he would grab the hood of my sweatshirt and pull me over onto my butt and then just look at me like “well, how did that happen?”. Or else do that thing where they wiggle their upper lip (like when they’re digging through grass) and put it right on the spot of my neck where there was no hair or sweatshirt. Or he was grabbing the belt loops on my jeans and just holding them in his mouth. Or I had my hair up in a bun. I have a lot of hair, so it was about the size of a grapefruit or small melon up there. Cass apparently didn’t like my hair because he kept biting the band (actually accurately – he wasn’t even grabbing much hair) and trying to pull on it.

He also wanted to eat my phone. This is not allowed since he’s broken a few phones of mine before by stealing them out of my back pocket and crunching or tossing them. And I really like my phone, so it’s off limits of his mouth. That doesn’t keep him from trying though – these are my photos from today.

This is the best photo of the day. He was en route to try and eat something on me.

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