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The weather forgot to take it’s meds

March 18, 2012

First it rained. A lot. Looking out the windshield of a car made it look like I was underwater. I was expecting some lobster to scurry across my hood and a school of fish to swim past in the rearview mirror. And then it stopped raining and just got really, really windy. And then it drizzled with the wind. Then it was overcast all the way up until about midnight, which is when it started pouring hail.

The hail was so loud. I was walking to the bathroom when it started (full force, no warning) and I almost peed in the hallway. The wind was blowing it against the windows and roof and everything else. It sounded like there was a war going on outside. That lasted probably a full half hour. Then it started to pour rain again. For around six hours solid. There was a drought warning, but I think since we got enough moisture to rehydrate africa, it’ll be okay.

When I got up at 7:00 this morning, it was overcast but not too awful. And then the cloud layer had burned mostly away by 11:00. It was still cold (it’s supposed to be 75° right now!), but it wasn’t torrential or anything anymore. It was even sunny! Not warm at all, especially with a cool breeze blowing, but it was weather I could work with. Until the breeze turned into gale winds and a few trees blew over. 

So it’s another no barn day for me and another huddling in the corner of his stall, avoiding the scary sounds for Cass.

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