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EHV-1 and rain

March 17, 2012


This was today. Not exactly a good day to do anything. I guess I’ll get to see how well the new arena dries though.

The wind and rain was the least of my worries today, though. I got a call this evening saying that one of the horses I had trailered Cass with on Sunday was in the same barn as a herpes infected horse at HITS. Her horse is now in quarantine but not showing symptoms. So far, I’ve only been able to get ahold of one vet (left messages for a few though) and he said that he was actually the HITS grounds right then and he didn’t believe that there had been any outbreaks. I’ve already heard of three sick horses who seem to have contracted it at Thermal, however. This has all been word of mouth, but the security was low this year. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Now I have to figure out what to do with Cass. He’s not showing any symptoms (his hind is stiff, but I assumed that was more from inactivity and being lame. But muscle problems back there ARE a symptom) and he’s acting normal. I’m going to take his temperature and just go from there. I’ll have to watch him. And tell my new barn owner – that will be fun, not even a week in and already bringing in viruses.

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