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March 16, 2012

I rise this blog from the dead. da da dummm.

So it’s been forever long. I’m sad to report that absolutely nothing exciting has happened between now and then with Cass. Basically he’s been a pasture ornament for a lot of it, and I’ve been a pony neglecting college student. But no more! I’ve finished all my core classes now and since I’m a design and illustration major, all I’ve got left is art and computer based classes. I.e. classes that require pretty much no study time. And I hereby declare that no matter how few hours of sleep I got the night before, how bad the hangover, how achy my wrist is from painting for 8 hours straight, I WILL go to the barn and do what needs to be done.

It’s not even that I don’t want to go to the barn; I do, I love going to the barn. It’s just that sometimes I wish I was one of those annoying rich people who show up, ride, and leave. Every time I go, I have to clean, brush, tack, clean tack, wait for sweat to dry, bathe, bla bla bla and it takes hours. I even like doing a lot of those things, but sometimes it’s just like ‘do I really want to get up and spend 5 hours outside?” and the answer is usually no. Or at least, not then. I can do it later! (have I ever mentioned I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator? I’m still working on ‘laters’ from 2008)

This ends now. Being lazy sucks and is super unfulfilling once the whole not wanting to wake up thing passes.

Anyway, I’m wrapping up this rambling because I have to go meet the farrier who needs to chop like a whole foot off of Cass’ feet. Seriously, they’re gross. And I’m not even exaggerating – they’re probably at least 3 inches overgrown, each. I was at a different school this semester that’s like a hundred miles away from his barn and I was too poor to move him out to me for a few months. But I had been at that barn for a while, it was always very well run, and I liked it. Yes, it had a new owner, but she had been a trainer there for who knows how many years and everyone already respected her quite a bit. Basically, I felt like I was leaving him in good hands.

Yeah, not so much. I find a job and a barn out in the new area about 3 weeks ago. So I call the old barn (which shall herefore be referred to as the Barn of Horrors) looking for the BO. Get her voicemail. No problem, I leave a message and send her a text. Two days pass and no reply. Rinse and repeat, for the next week and a half. Finally I send her a last text that says something to the effect of “I’m picking up my horse today, if you could leave my stuff somewhere I can find it, that’d be great. Let me know how much I owe you for March” and drove down there.

So it’s a few hours drive, and there’s traffic too, but overall I’m in a pretty good mood because I finally get my horse back again. I mean, I was kinda angry that she had all my tack and blankets besides my saddle locked in her office and due to unresponsiveness, I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting those back that day, but whatever. I can always make another trip, no biggie really.

So then I get there, my trailer guy gets there five seconds before me, and I have to go find Cass in a pasture. He wasn’t in the two horse one that he was in when I left, he was in one that was bigger and further back, with five horses in it. I just figured she rotated the pastures every once in a while and didn’t really think anything of it. I mean, I trust her. She wouldn’t put him in with nasty horses knowing he’s the low guy on the totem pole, right?

Yeah, first thing that happened when I walked into that pasture was this obese paint mare tried to attack me (for treats presumably) and then when she found out I didn’t have any, she spun around, knocking me with her butt, and bit Cass in the neck before running off with pissy ears to stand in a corner. He had been right behind her because he also trotted up to me. After that, he got all “OMG I’m in trouble” and also hid in a corner. The farthest corner.

It’s a big pasture, but not a huge one, so I didn’t mind walking over there to him. Well, I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t being followed by three galloping bucking horses, at least. The mare had come out of her corner and was trotting and galloping around with these two palomino twin horses, and all of them were kicking and rearing and basically having no regard for me walking. Seriously, I feared for my brain matter a few times. The mare had shoes and I could just see my head splattered against the fence with one misaimed kick.

Anyway, I avoided death and successfully made it across the field of doom. Cass is fuzzy and not very clean, but I was expecting that. What I was not expecting was this:

Also, I realized once I started walking him, that Cass was dead lame. He was so lame I couldn’t even tell which leg it was. I could see it was in the front, but he had to walk all retardedly with his non-lame leg to make up for all the trouble his sore one made.

This was his front left foot after I scraped a little mud off. Yes, Cass has a nice little abscess brewing. It’s already gotten up to the coronet, so who knows how long he’s been having to deal with it. The photos above are at the new barn the day after I had him trailered in, so they’ve had the mud scraped off too. Thankfully, there were no surprises under those ones.

And then this is today. I soaked his foot in epsom Monday and Wednesday, and wrapped it in an epsom poultice + betadine from Monday to this morning. I was picking off some more scabbing/dried ooze/whatever had worked it’s way in there when I finally got to the last piece and pulled this chunk out. Insta relief for Cass. Also note the dog trying to be in all my photos; I think she likes the way my camera makes the ‘click’ noise since she kept acting like she wanted photos taken.

And then that’s the hole that’s left. Ew. It looks scarier than how it started, but Cass is feeling way better. I turned him out in the arena after he got his feet done (all these photos are pre farrier) and he had some fun running around and getting sweaty.

I’m still debating between daily turnout and just hand walking him. I would consider longeing him, but stupid BO at the Barn of Horrors still has all my stuff and replies with one text a day, resulting in a very slow conversation. But anyway, Cass really likes running around, so that’s what he does when he’s turned out. At least for the first 10 minutes or so. I know abscesses need some action, but he’s also really stiff in his hind and I’m not sure what’s going on there yet or if it’s worsened by galloping like an idiot. I think tomorrow (or the next day – it’s supposed to pour tomorrow), I’ll turn him out and see if he’s looking any looser with his nice new feet.

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