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Week one: successful

December 12, 2010

So we survived the first week. Not that it was super difficult – I’m not the world’s greatest rider, but even I can stay on at a walk and Cass isn’t the world’s fittest fatty, but even he can walk for a half an hour without dying.

5 days of mostly walking has been boooorrrrring. I let him canter a circle on Friday to try to offset the boringness and he was pretty good. His attitude isn’t bad at all for the amount of time he has had off. He’s being kind of a butt about just walking (everytime I use my legs at all, he thinks “Yay! Trot fast!”), and he’s bucked a few times, but they were little happy bucks, not “die, evil floppy rider, DIE!” bucks. Overall, we look pretty awful though.

Things I’m noticing:

  • His walk sucks. It is the slowest, least impulsion filled walk ever. And any leg I put on him means trot. Work on getting transitions within gaits back.
  • Bending is either none at all or his face is touching my leg.
  • He’s avoiding the bit and overarching his neck which is something he did when I first got him and stopped after I rode him very quietly and forward for a few months.
  • He’s completely on the forehand except for about 30 seconds of out one minute canter
  • Stiff, stiff, stiff.

And that’s just Cass. I’m not even going to list what’s wrong with me because that would just take forever and ever.

While we looked like pony poo, the first week was still successful because a) I got an assessment of how things are going/what I’m going to need to work on and b) we’re starting slow. No tendon injuries here.

This week: We’re going to trot a bit more, but mostly concentrate on just making him WALK, not amble. A tiny bit of track “work” because we are going to be spending a LOT of time there in the next few weeks.

I still haven’t found Cass’ blankets. And in the meantime, I’ve managed to lose my helmet and leave my boots somewhere where I won’t be for another two weeks. So I’m going to have to ride around my prissy barn on my shaggy and fat pony while wearing dirty tennis shoes and no head gear. Oh well…at least my saddle’s pretty.

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  1. Karen G permalink
    December 27, 2010 3:54 pm

    I love the Arabian breed – so good luck in your quest to have Cass be an ambassador for it in eventing.

    I thought you might be encouraged by knowing that Karen O’Connor rode Teddy (an Arabian cross) to many championships. “Standing nearly 14.2 hands, the 13-year-old Sport Pony was sired by Thoroughbred Theodore (Witty Boy) out of Thoroughbred (1/2)/Arabian (1/4)/Shetland pony (1/4) Chelsea’s Melody for breeder P. Wynn Norman.

    Owned by the Theodore O’Connor Syndicate, the 1995 gelding was a proven champion and contender, according to his groom, Max Corcoran. Despite his diminutive stature, the pony showed unusual prowess in clearing hurdles with apparent ease and speed.

    In May 2008, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) named Karen O’Connor and Teddy to the 14-entry short list for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Karen O’Connor has competed in three Olympic Games.”

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