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A poem is supposed to express your feelings

October 17, 2010

My pony is being neglected

He feels so dejected

All alone, for over 30 days

With no company except his hay

And when I visit him

He wants to get to exercisin’

But then I leave again

Because I have had a lot to do

But he thinks that excuse is poo

And I have to agree

So starting soon, I’ll have to see

We’ll start riding around

So that he can shed a few pounds

But only after he gets his feet snipped

Because any work now would just make him trip

I really wish the farrier would call me back

His continued aversion makes me want to stuff him in a sack

But then there would be no one to trim feet

And then where would we be?

Oh, woe me

I really need to ride my pony


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