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And so we begin

July 12, 2010

This week’s goal: remain calm and easy

Cass is here! And he is happy to be back! I think…he acts happy, but he’s a horse and is always pretty happy as long as he’s being fed and it isn’t freezing. But whatever. I’m going to pretend he is just super happy. Doesn’t he look just jolly?

I think so too. Anyway, two months of impromptu holiday didn’t really do wonders for him. It made me fat, so I was expecting the same for him. Instead, he is all skinny. Like, not deathly or anything, but I can see his ribs. And look how narrow he is! Bye bye hard earned muscles. I’m embarrassed to post a picture of his butt. Probably it wouldn’t even go though because his butt is now invisible.

AND, he’s got this weird dent in his neck:

It is really weird. Ever since I got him, he has this lump there. It was never really noticeable unless he put his neck straight up or you felt for it. The vet said it was an old knot, permanent no, probably from pulling back when he was being taught to tie.

Except now the lump is gone and there is this…dip. Like the knot imploded and took all that muscle tissue with it. It isn’t huge, but it definitely isn’t small. Probably about the size of my palm (which is little with me being only 5ft, but still) and much more noticeable than the knot. Still doesn’t seem to bother him, but I’m curious as to what’s going on with it.

And he’s also got that dreaded dip right between his neck and withers which means he’s basically been llaming around his paddock the entire time he has been on vacation.

So I’m not too happy with his condition and working on fixing a few things – first up: wither dip. I hate those.

This sexy animal (who thankfully is not Cass) demonstrates the dreaded wither dip. See how he is all ewe necked and the weird connection into his withers? Yeah, not allowed. Lots of long and low work and using his back correctly.

So what are we going to be up to this week? Well, not much. But the basics need to be done to see how much he forgot and how much I am unable to do anymore because I’m all fatness. Ready for it? Bet you can’t guess what comes next…

Another schedule! Yay for organization!

Thursday 08: Arrival day is the day o’ rest. In a stall/paddock for some ground that doesn’t move (hopefully…as long as the earthquakes stay away). He actually didn’t even arrive until 10:30 at night so there wasn’t much arrival day left.

Friday 09: Off day. I’m not paying for turnout (which would cost me $250 extra dollars a month – I could get another horse!) so he only gets turned out while I’m there. I’m going to try to give him at least an hour a day when I don’t ride, even though I know that won’t happen a lot of the time. His paddock is 24×48 so big enough to jog a little in, but still. Legs should be stretched after a 1700 mile drive.

Saturday 10: Longe – walk and trot, just easy to get used to new surroundings. Let him look at everything and go for 20-30 minutes max. Don’t even bother tacking up or anything; this is purely casual and easy. Vary the circle sizes and make sure to visit all different parts of the arena

Sunday 11: Longe – same as Sunday, just easy peasy. Possibly add a canter lap or two. Possibly not since my longe line is approximately of equal length to my lead rope.

Monday 12: One week since he got on the trailer. I rode him for about 30-35 minutes. Just easy, mostly walk, about 6-7 minutes of trot total. He was SUPER good. Not pretty, but so calm. I was expecting spastic pony. Not narcoleptic pony. He did buck once, when we were trotting and I asked for a bigger trot. He cantered like one stride and did a little buck to celebrate our first undersaddle canter in two months. But again, it was a sleepy buck, and hardly even noticeable. He was lowering his neck really well (I was asking for long and low) but he was tucking his head which is a habit I thought we got rid of two years ago. So he was mostly good. I, on the other hand, apparently forgot everything. I bring to you this embarrassing video full of chair seats, chicken wings, and just general bad riding. Sometimes I can’t decide what’s wrong (besides the obvious) but I just look so…round. Like I have no angles whatsoever. I’ve lowered my stirrups for tomorrow, but I’m still going to have A LOT to work on

Tuesday 13: The plan is to ride again. More trotting. Less letting him do whatever he wants. More trying to not look like a complete beginner. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get someone out to longe me on him a few times within the next week or two. Then I can focus on me. And just me. Because I apparently need a lot of focusing on.

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