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I am obsessed with schedules

July 3, 2010

But I can’t follow them. But I’m really, really going to try this time! So here goes another one…

This summer, my horse is going to be a dressage pony. Jumping is mostly off til around September. Flatwork galore from here on out.

First off, the tacky lovely training scale:

Why animal prints? Because I like them, that's why

We are at the bottom. Rhythm is nonexistent, except on special days where he decides to be really good. But I don’t think that counts, so we stay at the bottom. We need to work on that and relaxation, which is big for him (and I guess me too, except I don’t spook as much as he does). That is this months plan, which will continue over until Septemberish (where we’ve hopefully gotten something resembling connection and impulsion) and on through January.

My current calendar looks like this:

July 5th: Cass leave Missouri

July 8th or 9th: Cass arrives in California

2-3 days of rest

July 11th/12th: Longe, easy

July 13th: Ride, easy

July 14th: Ride easy

July 15th: Off

July 16th – 19th: Ride, easy/harder on the last day

July 20th: Off

July 21st – 23rd: Ride, medium

July 24th: Ride, easy

July 25th: Ride, medium

July 26th: Ride, medium

July 27th: Off

July 28th: Ride, medium

July 29th: Ride, medium

July 30th: Ride, easy

July 31st: Longe, medium

Mostly this month is going to be trying to bring him back into work after two months of just turnout and not much riding since November/December because of the -30 to 4 degree temperatures. Next month, we start (easy-ish) work over cavalletti and on rhythm.

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  1. Wolfie permalink
    July 12, 2010 11:59 am

    Did Cass arrive safe and sound?

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