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And the plan fails already (I blame it on the demon cat)

January 21, 2010

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Because I’m not going to be here most of friday or all of saturday or most of sunday.  Today and yesterday I longed Cass and tomorrow I am going to longe him over poles and cavalletti…but saturday (longe over cavalletti, then ride) is out.  Sunday is still a possibility.  Have to see what’s going on then.  I am really bad about time management :(

Anyway, Cass is not a happy pony.  He isn’t too fond of this freezing weather stuff – and he is in a “dry” lot which means he has mud halfway up to his knees when he does get turned out (which he hasn’t been able to do everyday because it is so cold and he is still dressed for southern california).  Which means he can’t run and buck and play.  Which means I have to deal with his energy in the one or two hours a day that I am at the barn.

cold + no daily exercise + two month vacation + scary rain on roof sounds + young horse + crazy Arabian = one psycho horse

The plan today was to longe him, which I did.  Kind of.  I put him on the line and he was walking around quickly and being a llama.  And doing his snob face.  Then, between walking strides, he would shake his head and prance and attempt to buck (which he actually was able to do once on his little circle and, due to my stupid-I-think-my-leadrope-is-longer-than-this-not-really-a-longe-line-sold-to-me-by-mr-tack-store-scheister, it was also entirely too close to my head.  So after a few laps of “calmly” walking – read: not trying to kill invisible ghosts and goblins – Cass got to go off the longe and gallop around like an idiot.  Which he proceeded to do for about ten minutes – round and round and round, complete with sliding stops.  His muscles will feel nice tomorrow – he didn’t get the best warmup AND it’s cold AND he is completely unfit.

But after, he walked very nicely on the longe and even trotted calmly.

He just needs a gallop sometimes to get his head back, even when riding.  It calms him down instead of pumping him up (usually..).  But I wish I hadn’t let him go so long, even though I am guessing I would have had a hard time catching him.


So just a short update.  Nothing exciting except this evil demon cat who is peeing in Cass’ stall and now his blanket is kind of gross and stinky.  Which isn’t even exciting, either, but I meant that the demon cat was exciting.  Or at least thrilling.  Or definitely frightening.  It hides in Cass’s feed box, lurking in the dark shadows where the corners meet and the grain bin hangs over.  It goes in there to do whatever demon cats do in their downtime and also evilly plots how it will jump out in a scary and threatening fashion whenever I lead Cass into his stall.  It is feral and no one really knows where it came from, but it isn’t a very nice kitty cat.  It even has yellow-y demon cat eyes.  And it only comes out at night.  And it magically appears in dark corners where I am guessing it is watching to see which human it will devour next.

But, nope, nothing else exciting.  Boring boring.

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