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New Year, New Goals

January 20, 2010

First, let’s take a look at 2009’s goal list to see how far we’ve come in 365 days.

Do a flying change on Cass (on purpose)  Um, no
Do all simple lateral exercises  Nada
Take Cass to his (and my) first show  Nowhere close
Learn at least training level dressage  Nope
Show Cass in training level dressage Show?  What’s that?
Successfully ride a first level dressage test  Ha, no
Successfully jump Cass over a jump course  No way
Show Cass over a hunter course  Only if I am suicidal
Hack out on Cass without him being a spaz  Yay!
Ride a cross country course

There!  A successful year.  I have completed one goal.  Out of eleven.  Or twelve.  Or something – I don’t know, it’s too late for accurate counting.  But anyway, the point remains – we have accomplished NOTHING this past year.  In fact, I think we may have regressed due to my lack of riding and Cass’ two impromptu and long vacations.

Sooo – time for new goals!  (slightly more realistic ones)

  • Exercise Cass six days a week – no slacking this year!
  • Get him fit and work on cardio and topline
  • Be able to do training level dressage
  • Jump 2’9 consistently
  • Get his transitions really smooth
  • Refine aids to invisible
  • Post/two point without stirrups
  • Ride bareback at all gaits and over a small jump
  • Go on a real trail
  • Go to a show
  • Learn nutrition
  • Learn anatomy and movement

I think that’s enough long term ones for this year.


Tomorrow I have a dressage lesson in the morning, and then I think I am going to go longe Cass to try to ease him back into work before my graphic design class in the afternoon.  *Note to self – call the farrier.  The wooly mammoth has toes longer than a kangaroo’s

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  1. Wolfie permalink
    January 21, 2010 11:00 am

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cass is gorgeous. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures!

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