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Three lessons!

September 23, 2009

On Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday I had lessons.


I was on the Grey Geezer and worked mainly on two point…or really keeping my leg where it is supposed to be when I 2 point!  I always lift my heels and tip…and the further around I go, the more I tip.  Over a course, I mean.  If I am just two pointing around the arena, it isn’t so bad.

Except that my leg jiggles.  I don’t know if it is because I am not used to the way these horses move or what, but leg jiggling had been fixed on Cass!  But now it is back and pretty bad with GGs big long canter.


Rode CC and my 2 point was awesome. Well, on the flat.  Jumping is whole other story and much less awesome.  One thing I discovered here: I release like we are going over a 6′, not a 2′.  I had never really noticed that before since I always had to work so hard before the jump to get Cass to do it well, and so hard after to keep him in control that I never noticed what I was doing over the jump.  Yeah, like the important part.

Although I did already know that I had chicken wings.  I really need to fix those.


On CC again and he is an elderly speed demon!  Like an old guy in a power wheelchair that races down the halls of the senior home.  He just wants to go fast; he doesn’t care about running into people, or being in control of his turns, or who is pulling on him to slow him down.

We were practicing leg yields and every single time I would add just a bit more pressure with my inside leg – rocket launch!  No, CC, we are walking.  Every little tightening of the rein, body movement, and leg does NOT mean run off as fast as you can.

Finally after many many half halts we got him to do a somewhat decent (very rushed) leg yield at the walk

Trainer T said to try it at the trot.  Um, okay….

Rocket Launch!

That didn’t work out so well.  I’d get him to do a step or two, but it wasn’t nice.  We were fighting with each other too much.  Which made it worse and worse and worse.  Which made my position worse and worse and worse.  Which made CC worse and worse and worse.  See the spiral?

So he got to freewalk and end there.  Probably not the best place to end, but neither of us could see it getting any better.


It has been raining quite a bit here so the outdoors and the field are gross and soggy.  Hopefully they will dry out before Cass gets here!  He has never seen an indoor o.0

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