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In which the CC and I jump a solid object

September 16, 2009

On thursday I had another riding lesson where we went out to the field…but this time we jumped logs!  Like those solid things that eventers do!

I was riding the Chomping Chestnut again.  CC was very reluctant about going near some places.  He wasn’t spooking, but passing between two tall bush-trees or behind this one hill, he would prance a bit and then rush through with a llama head.

Other than that, he was very well behaved.  He did all the jumps calmly and nicely.  Again, the jumps were nothing spectacular – a lot of low crossrails and one a teensy vertical.

But then Trainer T said that we could jump a log. Yes, a solid jump, the kind that are quite common in the cross country portion of eventing.

Not me :(  But about the same log

Not me :( But about the same log

Trainer T said to try connecting two jumps together.  Since I am so super-duper, I decided to jump two different logs as my combination.  I think this went pretty well.  The first job was pretty nice, but the second was more rushed and then I let CC take an immediate turn.  This is something Trainer T says I need to work on; whenever I land from the jump and there isn’t another, I quit riding and let the horse go wherever which makes us both lose our balance usually since CC enjoys veering sharply back to the barn.


In Tuesday’s lesson, we were out in the field again, but not jumping logs or anything.  We were supposed to be counting the strides in between two small jumps, but for almost the entire first half of the lesson we ended up cantering and trotting around because the horses were all feeling very…uppity.

It was cooler that day, and every 45 minutes or so it would drizzle a bit and it was a little breezy – but they were just misbehaving!

CC is not very nice to other horses.  He especially isn’t nice to the Grey Geezer, whom someone else was riding.  Everytime we would get within ten feet of them, he would speed up so that he could try to bite GG’s butt.

He also is really good at making that snarly face.

Grr.  Not CC.

Grr. Not CC.

And everytime we would pass another horse…swing head and snarl…grr..if the horse was grey, he would add a kick in for good measure.  So we could not pass other horses anymore.  Which made it very hard to follow the lines that Trainer T had set up.

CC was also especially happy to be in the field that day (despite his snarly face grumpiness) and decided that it would be fun if we switched out the word “canter” for “gallop like a tb being chased by a wild mountain lion with a plastic bag tied to its tail”.  This was interesting to watch, but not particularly productive so Trainer T made me slow him down.

It is really hard slowing down a horse that is feeling good…I still hadn’t fully done it when Trainer T said to go over this two jump line and count the strides in between.  Counting strides is hard too.  Riding horses is hard.  Waaaa.

But, but it's too haaaard!

But, but it's too haaaard!

Anyway, we went over the jump line and I did not get the number right at all.  It was supposed to be six.  I felt more like 4.  The next time I felt 6.  The next time I forgot to count because CC remembered that he likes being a jumper more than a hunter and felt like pretending that he was in the jump offs.  And so on.

Sooo…I have a lot of things to practice!

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  1. September 16, 2009 11:39 pm

    Where is MO are you moving/living? What barn are you keeping Cass at? I just moved from OK to eastern KS. We plan on doing some trail riding in western MO in the next few months ( or after winter).
    I haven’t visited your site since you updated the look! I like it, it is very organized!

    • September 17, 2009 12:05 pm

      I am in Fulton, MO (in between Columbia and Jefferson City) so it isn’t really western Missouri!

  2. September 17, 2009 12:10 pm

    I have a good family friend who went to college in Fulton! She graduated from William Woods University and said that she really enjoyed their horse program!

    • September 17, 2009 12:16 pm

      Yup, that’s where I am. Their horse program really is excellent

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