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Lessons and a ship date! Also How It Will Happen

September 4, 2009

So I called the trailering company and they said that they would be in CA around the 18th (AKA, my birthday = the best day ever = just got better!) so they would be able to pick Cass up then.  Then Cass will be loaded onto this big scary trailer:



In which he probably will load unhappily into and in which he will live for about three days (most unhappily, of course).  The trailer has cameras so that the driver can watch as Cass unhappily spooks at the tractors driving on the freeway, cornfields, trees that are green, cows that can predict rain, and other such Missouri type things.

Then the driver will pull his very long (but soft ride!) trailer over a few miles of windy-ish loose gravel road surrounded by trees that are filled with gigantic, evil, many-eyed spider’s webs that are really just those things that webworms make.  Cass will unhappily observe all of these tall and leafy foreign objects while attempting to keep his balance as the driver careens professionally past the idyllic shuttered ranch houses and a field full of soy beans which apparently do not only grow in Japan and cows that are brown, not spotted and which never say moo.

In just a few minutes (because he is careening, remember) the driver will pass a large field and two decently sized arenas.  In a few more minutes, he will stop and then back up because he just passed the barn.

When the driver finally finished careening backwards and arrives at the barn with a most unhappy and trailersick (from all the careening) Cass, he will attempt to park his very long trailer in the midst of a lot that is nearly filled from all the people who came just to watch The Magnificent Arabian Eventer descend from his lofty perch in the Long and Shiny Magestic and Magical Carriage into the realm of the Non-Arabian-Sometimes-Event-Horses.  Or maybe the people filling the lot are just there riding their Non-Arabian-Sometimes-Event-Horses.  Whatever.

Anyway, the driver will finally be able to park (because someone will soon realize that The Magnificent Arabian Eventer is indeed housed in that long and shiny trailer and will politely go home)  and then he will go into the trailer and bring out Cass who will either be A: Unhappily frozen to death because it is September B: Unhappily spooking at his new surroundings or C: Just unhappily being unhappy in general

Cass, who will unhappily probably not even say hi to me after a whole month will then be handed to me as I attempt to walk him past things like tractors, round bales, and horses that are 17.3 hands.  He will then be put in his stall.  Or maybe in one of the arenas.  I don’t know if a horse is allowed to run like a crazy person after a 3 day trip?

Anyway, he will be put somewhere and in that somewhere he will sniff, sniff, spook, buck, sniff, scared deer look, whinny, sniff, sniff, snort, gallop madly and run into a wall, kick at the wall, gallop madly in the other direction, stop suddenly, look over shoulder to make sure that nothing is chasing him, sniff, whinny, sniff, spook, sniff, spook, sniff, spook, sniff, etc.

And then he will get exactly one day off in which he can run around in either the indoor (which will probably be scary because it is inside), the jumping field (which will probably be scary because it is big and grassy with jumps in it), or the outdoor (which will probably be scary because it outside across the road from reedy weedy thingies almost four feet tall)

And then after his one day off, he will be put to work, in accordance with the calendar which will be updated when Cass’ delivery date is exact.

And that is How It Will Happen.  Exactly that way.


I had a lesson on Thursday.  And then I had a lesson today.

And now my legs (which did not fall off on Tuesday) are going to fall off sometime between now and tomorrow morning when I am awakened by a nightmare in which my legs are falling off.

It is an inescapable fate.

And all because I took two lessons in two days and three lessons in a week and not those easy peasy lemon squeezy lessons where you are allowed to just bop around and pretend like you are trotting.

In both lessons I rode the Grey Geezer (who is not a geezer at all, I recently discovered.  He is really a very geriatric 8 year old) and in one we went out to the cross country course.

Yes, The Cross Country Course.  That big open field with logs and pheasant feeders and coffins and drops and walls and hedges and ditches and sloping palisades and barrels and water troughs and ladders.

Unfortunately, since it was my very first time ever being out in a field, I was not allowed to jump yet.  :(  Instead we did lots of cantering and practicing turning and aids because most of the horses left the sensible parts of their brains in the barn.

This lesson was not too strenuous – I learned that GG has a very BIG canter, but mostly this lesson was just to get us all acquainted with XC fields.

In my next lesson, I rode in an indoor – another first – and practiced two point and heels very down for more than an hour.  Apparently my old two point position is not very balanced and I need to do this new two point position which hurts.

You know when you do lunges or leg squats or something and your muscles all stretch out?  Right, now do that for an hour.  Ow.

But now I feel like I have a much more solid two point (or will when my new jello legs quit jelloing) that might not feel like someone just set fire to my calves in a month or so.  Until then, it will feel like fire on my calves though.  But not until Tuesday, my next lesson.

I think I will finally be able to add a jumping tag then.

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  1. September 6, 2009 12:02 pm

    I love your description of Cass’ thoughts! It will be so nice to finally have your horse back. Geeze, I’m not sure I could go a whole month without Val.

    Oh, your barn sounds like such a great place. We don’t have a XC course or an arena just for jumping; we have one indoor and one outdoor, and enough jumps to make up a course. Although we did get to add to our jump collection recently, and now we have enough jumps to take some out to this little trail area behind the field where the horses are turned out and work on “XC”.

    Jumping position is always painful to start out with. I probably need to do some more work on mine…

    The GG sounds like a fun guy. It must’ve been awesome to take him out to the XC Course!

    Here’s hoping your legs stop jelloing soon :)

    • September 6, 2009 12:10 pm

      Ugh, I am not going a whole month without him. :( That was because of a trailer company blow-off; they were supposed to pick him up a week after I left and then they remembered that they would still be in Virginia then. Needless to say, I chose another, more reliable (more expensive…) trailer company.

      The barn is pretty nice. Not as nice as it sounds (yet) because it is still in the works. It is only one very busy eventing mother running it, but it is VERY eventing oriented which is nice.

      Also, I am pretty sure that right now we haven’t got enough jumps to make a course…soon though! It’s off to the hardware store for me!.

      GG is fun…but I think I am not going to fully appreciate him until I get my little crazy horse back!

  2. September 7, 2009 9:21 am

    It sounds like a plan! I hope he arrives in good shape and I’ll bet you’ll be glad to see him, even if he’s too busy spooking and running around to notice you much!

    • September 7, 2009 10:49 am

      Yes, I will be. Even if he is spooking and being stupid :)

  3. September 16, 2009 11:33 pm

    Good luck with Cass’s big adventure!!!

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