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Good news- Cass is going to be here soon, bad news – my legs are going to fall off

September 1, 2009


I had a lesson today and now my legs hurt.  Because we had to two-point for about 15 minutes straight.  Because Trainer T wanted to make us all tired enough that we would pretty much just collapse into a balanced (easy…) two-point.

What kind of logic is that?  Oh, sure, you just stand there until you can’t stand there anymore and then you will be doing it right!

And, okay, it did work (I still don’t get it; why couldn’t I just go ride at like three in the morning when I am tired?  Why the pain!  Ouch [I moved my leg a little bit in my indignation])…But it was a very painful 15 minutes :(

I was riding the Grey Geezer again today, and I am happy to report that he only tried to bite me once.  Yes – tried.  Mwa haha.  I finally got his nose because he had a slow reaction today (it’s hard work, sitting in a stall for four days straight, you know) and didn’t get up to his full, large height until after short me had already smacked him.

But my one, small, well-deserved victory made him grumpy so he decided to be extra lazy today and not walk in hand and would rather just stop and stare at all the pretty trees and interesting rocks, and wouldn’t canter because it is much too difficult, and sometimes while we were trotting GG, being the nature loving old man that he is, would just come to an immediate halt in an attempt to give me a chance to experience what it would be like to see that lovely Clematis dioscoreifolia whilst doing a somersault over his head.  And with his newfound love of flora, GG would refuse to move while he counted petals and made shapes out of the clouds.

So Trainer T took a piece of the flora from the apple tree (they have apple trees here!  With real apples!  That you can pick!  And eat!  Or feed to horses!) and made me a crop.

GG then decided that he had 23 other hours to stare at flowers.

We went on to make a few interesting polygonal shapes (or “circles”) and emergency dismount from the halt and walk.  Some people were able to dismount from the trot but I thought that I would save that for another day.  You know, one when I can actually feel my legs.  When I dismounted (for real) today, I stumbled backwards a bit because I had spaghetti legs.  Or sea legs.  Except there is no ocean here :(


Cass is probably going to be here within the next 2-4 weeks!  Hopefully sooner, but the trailer people have a busy schedule and you are supposed to give them at least 3 weeks advance notice, but some are pretty lenient on that.  But the new barn is all ready for him.

And then we can get down to the real work.

Except that it will probably be winterish by then.

And we will have to live in the indoor because 70 degrees is chilly, 60 is cold, and 50 and below is absolutely ridiculous.

So probably no cross country for Cass yet.


But cross country for me!  On thursday!  Yay!

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  1. September 1, 2009 11:23 pm

    Ooh, yeah…that two point stuff is tuff!! Ha, ha…totally with you on the temps. It’s starting to get very “fall-ish” around here & I’m not sure I’m liking it. Thinking about the colder temperatures to come…brrr!!

    • September 4, 2009 6:43 pm

      Yeah, apparently it is supposed to be the coldest year in 30 years, complete with blizzards and ice storms. Sounds like good riding conditions, no?

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